Hello, my name is DJ Hoffman. Until February 2021, this was a Wordpress site, but I decided to migrate to Guthub Pages + Dropbox Paper.

I'm friendly, and don't bite. Feel free to contact me on any of these places: Twitter Twitch

Here you will find a short list of my previous blog posts. As I make new posts they will appear here.

Making Go-links at home (published April 2021)

New Job Search: A Chapter Begins (published Jan 2021)

On Friendship (published July 24 2020)

The End of Life is a Pale Imitation of Itself (published May 10 2020)

A Prankster's Code (published October 27 2019)

A Passover Story and Documentation (published July 30 2019)

Why You Should Add Interfaces to Your Organization (published June 4 2019)